Entering Working Hours

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1.   Go to your Timesheet by clicking on Track Time.  Click on “Add Working Hour” to add your working hours for the current week.  Click on the date in the middle to change the week.




2.   To enter working hours into your timesheet, click on the Add Working Hour button.  This will bring you to the Add Working Hour menu where you can select the Project, Task, and Subtask that you worked on.  This Project and Task lists are created by your manager and administrator.  If your task or project is missing, inform your manager or administrator.  


3.   You can enter any sub task name for each task.  Subtasks are useful in identifying specific activities.  For example, the subtask can specify that a Testing activity was for Bug #000101, which took a certain number of hours.


4.   Each Task will be added as a new row in the timesheet with blank cells.  Enter the hours you worked for each task in each cell.  If your company policy requires more details about your hours, you can double-click each cell to bring up a yellow input window.  In the example below, the employee worked from 8am to 5pm on “Testing Bug #000103” with a 1 hour unpaid lunch break.  Although the time range is nine hours, the total paid working hours is only eight.



5.   Press Save to save your timesheet then submit when you’re finished.  Note that you will not be able to edit your timesheet after you have submitted it.  


6.   Corrections to your timesheet will depend on your company’s policy.  If your salary has not been finalized, your manager can reject your erroneous timesheet and let you re-send a correct one.  If your salary has been finalized, your manager will likely apply the corrections on your next period’s timesheet.  


7.   If you have two or more managers for a certain project, both managers must approve your timesheet for it to be approved in the system.  


8.   You are allowed to submit a new timesheet if your timesheet has been rejected