Entering Leaves

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Applying for Leaves through the Timesheet


1.    You can use the Timesheet to apply for short leaves or leaves that last for a few hours or days.


2.   Click on “Add Leave Hour” in your timesheet to bring up the “Add Leave Hour” window 


Adding Leave Hours


3.   Select the leave type you wish to avail of, then click “Add Leave”.  If your desired leave type is not available, inform your administrators as only they can create leave types.


4.   Enter the leave hours on the cell for the day/s you wish to have your leave.  


5.   Just like the working hours, you can double-click the cell to enter your leave reason and to specify the exact time of your leave.   Note that you will not be able to cancel or delete your leave application if you submit it this way.



Apply for Leaves through the Leave Application Page


1.    You can use the Leave Application page to apply for long term or recurring leaves.


2.    From the home page, click on the “Leaves” Menu then select “Enter Time-Off” to go to the “Leave Application” page. 


Create a Leave Application


3.    Fill in the details.  For long term leaves, select the “Full Day Leave” radio button then choose the start and end dates of your leave.  For leaves that only last a few hours, select “Hourly Leave”.


4.    Click on the “Add Leave Entries” button to enter your leave selection to a list.  You can add more leaves of different types to this leave application list so your manager will need to approve it only once. 


5.    Click on the “Save” button to send your leave application list to your manager.  Note that you can only delete, but not edit your leave application until it is approved or rejected by your manager. 

Reviewing Leaves

1.  To review a pending leave application, click on the Time-Off menu, then select My Time Off.  This will show you a calendar view of your leave applications for the year.  Click on the yellow cells which shows your pending leave applications.


Calendar View - Leave Application


Deleting Leaves

1. You can delete your leave application by pressing the delete button.  After you delete it, you can apply for a leave on the same date.


Reviewing Leaves


Checking Holiday Dates

1. You can check for holiday dates set by your company by clicking on the ’Time Off’ menu then selecting ’Holiday Calendar’.  This will take you to a calendar view where holiday dates are represented by multicolored cells.


Checking holiday date