Approving or Rejecting Timesheets and Leaves

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1. You will get an email from EfficientTime each time your staff submits a timesheet or leave application.  Click on the link in the email to open the staff’s timesheet.


2. If you reject a leave application, you must supply a reason why you rejected it.  


3. If your staff has submitted his timesheet by mistake, you reject it and ask your staff to re-submit a new one.  If the erroneous timesheet has been already recorded by accounting, you can tell your staff to apply the corrections on the next period’s timesheet.




4. If a person has two managers for a project, his or her timesheet must be approved by both in order to be approved in EfficientTime.


5. Timesheets from managers must be approved by the administrator.


6. Leave Applications are approved and rejected like Timesheets.