Adding Tasks and Clients

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1.    After creating people and teams, the administrator should add the tasks that each person is expected to do for the duration on each project.  Only the administrator and the project manager can add tasks.


2.    Tasks can be created in two ways: through the Work -> Task menu, or inside each Project through the Work -> Project menu.



3.   Tasks can be organized under task groups, which can represent tasks for separate departments, projects, or teams. 

4.   Put a check mark on default on the right of the task name if you want the task to show up automatically in the task selection screen in the timesheet.

5.   If your company gives paid lunch and coffee breaks, you should add those tasks here and advise your manager to include it into every project.




Adding Clients


1.   You can add clients by going to the Work menu, then clicking on Clients.  Fill in the details.