Adding People & Teams

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Adding People

1.   Add people in your company by going to the Administration menu, then clicking on ‘People’.  From the ‘Manage People’ page, you can add, edit, or delete employees from EfficientTime.


2.   Add new people by clicking on new people, then enter each employee's details.  




3.   The roles for each user are:


Administrator - acts like a super user who can modify site settings, add people, clients, tasks, and leaves, as well as having all the abilities of the manager.  

Manager -  can create projects, approve or reject timesheets and leaves, and set holiday dates.

User - can enter working hours and apply for leaves



Adding New Teams

1.   After creating individual user accounts, you can assign each user to a team.  Organizing people into teams will help streamline the management of each project, especially if your company has many employees.


2.   To create teams, go to the ‘Administration’ menu then click on ‘Teams’.




3.   Enter the team name then search the people in the Add more people section.


4.   To remove a person from the team, simply click on the minus button.