Q: How long will EfficientTime be free?

A: EfficientTime uses a freemium model. The basic features will be for company accounts which have less than 100 users, including managers and administrators.

Q: Where are these basic features?

A: These include time and leave entry for up to 100 users (including administrators and managers) and exporting reports within a six-month date range.

Q: What if I have more than 100 users and want reporting for longer than six months ?

A: You can send your feature requests such as this to [email protected]. Please include details about the feature/s that you need so we may evaluate them accordingly.

Q: Will you share my data with others?

A: No, we will not share your information with other companies and will only keep it in our database until you require. Please read of Privacy Policy for more details.

Q: What kind of businesses should use EfficientTime ?

A: EfficientTime is meant for small service-based businesses that have less than 500 employees.

Q: What are service-based businesses ?

A: Service-based businesses are those that perform an activity or task for a customer or client company. Unlike normal businesses that require a big overhead, inventory, or equipment, service-based businesses primarily require skill and an agreement to exchange that skill for money, usually at an hourly rate.

Q: What are examples of service-based businesses ?

A: Examples include professional work such as those rendered by programmers, lawyers, writers, translators, architects, designers, and advertisers. These may be done under a company or as freelance work by individuals.

All Users will be able to:

- Enter, view, and submit working hours and leaves

- Receive technical support 


Managers can:

- Create projects

- Approve and reject timesheets and leaves

- Export all timesheet data into a Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 file


Administrators can:

- Add people, clients, teams, and tasks

- Configure company timesheet settings


How Do I Register an Account in EfficientTime?

How Do I Register an Account in EfficientTime?